So Far, So Awesome! 

It occurs to me that starting a new job is like starting a new relationship.  You put your best self on, and you work hard to make the recipient see how amazing you are. 

And usually,  the first little while is like the honeymoon period. All love and flowers and romantic notions.  

And then reality sets in.  And life shows up. And all the sweet romantic nonsense flies out the window.  

Except,  sometimes,  it doesn’t go that way. 
Sometimes,  what you see is what you get.  Sometimes reality is really that simple.  Sometimes, it’s just a matter of “ask, and you shall recieve.”

Sometimes,  when you least expect it, things just go exactly the way you hoped but didn’t dare dream they would.

Sometimes you get exactly what you deserve. ..the world. Peace.  Excitement. Recognition of a job well done. 

Sometimes it works out exactly like you hoped it would.  


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